Creative Writing

The Empty Word and the Full Word Download as rtf document (42k)
Success in writing creatively is linked to the notion of "finding a voice" and this is turn is explored through psychoanalytic notions, including Lacan's idea of the "full word" (parole pleine). Writing blocks are also considered from a psychoanalytic perspective. The essay is intended for teachers of creative writing, and creative writing students.

Writing: Some Thoughts on the Teachable and the Unteachable in Creative Writing Download as rtf document (31k)
This essay discusses aspects of style, expression and imagination from the standpoint of their teachability. The concept of "finding a voice" is explored and elucidated as "the full imaginative expression of a bounded individuality". Writing blocks are discussed, using psychoanalytic concepts of "transfer" and "resistance".

The Subject and the Speaking Subject
This paper schematizes with the aid of Venn diagrams possible relationships between the subject (the self, the agent, the person) and the speaking subject (the speaker, the linguistic subject) and comments on the character and sources of plausibility of each conception of the relationship. Key words: Identity, Subjectivity, Person, Speaker, Linguistic subject, Constitution of the subject, Sujet, Sujet parlant, le hors langage

It was a Dark and Stormy Night
A story for children about the nature of stories