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Trevor Pateman: Principal Publications 1972 -

Excludes most juvenilia, book reviews, short articles both in academic journals and more popular publications like The Higher - in total well over a hundred items.There may also be publications, notably anthologisings, of which I am unaware. The hyperlinked titles are available on the website, either in unrevised or revised form: click on the title to go to the Content. The website also carries a large number of previously unpublished works not included in this Publications list.


'Lifelong Unlearning' in D. Barford, ed., The Ship of Thought. Essays on Psychoanalysis and Learning, pp 212-223 London: Karnac Books


'Language, Art and Kant' (as "Grammaticality without grammar, iteration without forms"), G Wolf and N Love, eds., Linguistics Inside Out. Roy Harris and his critics. Pp 226 - 228. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

'Space for the Imagination' Journal of Aesthetic Education (USA), vol 31, no 1, pp 1 - 8. [Lead article] 


'Language as a Social Reality' in R E Asher. ed., The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics. , vol 4, pp 1999 - 2000. Oxford: Pergamon Press. REPRINTING in J Mey, ed, A Concise Encyclopaedia of Pragmatics. Oxford: Elsevier Science 1999 and 2009. Also REVISED for the second edition of the Encyclopaedia, published 2006


Entries for 'Education and Social Theory' and Language in W Outhwaite and T Bottomore, eds., The Blackwell Dictionary of Twentieth Century Social Thought, pp 188 - 190 and pp 320-21. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. [REVISED for second edition re-titled The Blackwell Dictionary of Modern Social Thought, edited by William OUthwaite, and published by Blackwell 2006]

'Psychoanalysis and Socratic Education', Aspects of Education,no 49, pp 76 - 80.


'Key Concepts: A Guide to Aesthetics, Criticism and the Arts' in Education. London; Falmer Press. Pp 208. Entries for FormalismHuman NaturePhotographyReligion and Art. Others to be added

[With S Wood] 'Expert Systems in Teacher Education', in M Yazdani and R W Lawler, eds., Artificial Intelligence and Education, vol 2, Principles and Case Studies, pp 171 - 202. New Jersey, Ablex Publishing Corpn. PREVIOUSLY AS Cognitive Science Research Reports No 116, University of Sussex 1987/8

'Pragmatics in Semiotics: Bakhtin/Volosinov', Journal of Literary Semantics, vol XVIII, no 3, pp 203 - 216.


'Rothko: Aesthetic and Non-Aesthetic Responses', Cogito, vol 4, no 1, pp 47 - 50. on this website under the title Aesthetic Engagement


'Language in Mind and Language in Society' Studies in Linguistic Reproduction. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Pp 194. Chapter 4 REPRINTED in full in C Otero, ed, Noam Chomsky: Critical Assessments, vol 1, pp 851 - 875. London: Routledge 1993.

'What is Philosophy?' London: Edward Arnold. Pp 72. 

'Relevance, Contextual Effects and Least Effort' [review article of D Sperber and D Wilson Relevance] in Poetics Today (Israel), vol 7, no 4, pp 745 - 754.

'Philosophy of Linguistics' in J Lyons et al eds, New Horizons in Linguistics 2, pp 249 - 267. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.


'Wittgensteinian Aesthetics' [Review article of D Best Feeling and Reason in the Arts] British Journal of Aesthetics, v 26, n 2, pp 172 - 175.

'What is English if not a Language?' in J D Johansen and H Sonne, eds, Pragmatics and Linguistics. Festschrift for Jacob L Mey on his 60th Birthday, pp 137 - 140. Odense University Press.

'Transparent and Translucent Icons', British Journal of Aesthetics, v 26, n 4, pp 380 - 382


'Using and Defending Cognitive Theory' in G N Gilbert and C Heath, eds., Social Action and Artifical Intelligence, pp 24 - 39. Aldershot: Gower Press. ALSO AS Cognitive Science Research Paper No 33, University of Sussex 1984.

'From Nativism to Sociolinguistics: Integrating a Theory of Language Growth with a theory of speech practices', Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, vol 15, no 1, pp 38 - 59.

'Review of E Itkonen, Causality in Linguistic Theory' , in Journal of Linguistics, vol 21, no 2, pp 481 - 487.


'How is understanding an advertisement possible?' in H Davis and P Walton. eds., Language, Image, Media., pp 187 - 204. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

'Review of J J Katz Language and Other Abstract Objects', in Journal of Linguistics, vol 19, no 1, pp 282 -284.

'What is a Language?' Language and Communication, vol 3, no 2, pp 101 - 127.


'What I tell my students about Noam Chomsky and Seymour Papert', in Papers of the Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, pp 19 - 39.

Discourse in Life: V N Volosinov's Marxism and the Philosophy of Language, in UEA Papers in Linguistics, no 16/17, pp 26 - 48.

'Liberty, Authority and the Negative Dialectics of J S Mill', Radical Philosophy, no 32, pp 16 - 22.

'David Lewis's theory of convention and the social life of language', Journal of Pragmatics (Denmark), vol 6, no 2, pp 135 - 157.

'Realism and Language Change', Language and Communication, vol 2, no 2, pp 161 - 178.


'How to do things with Images: an essay on the pragmatics of advertising' Theory and Society (USA), vol 9, no 4, pp 603 - 622. Reprinted in Advertising: Critical Readings, edited by Brian Moeran, Berg Publishers 2010

'Can Schools Educate', Journal of Philosophy of Education, vol 14, no 2, pp 139 - 148.


'Accountability, Values and Schooling' in Accountability in Education, eds Tony Becher and Stuart Maclure, pp 61 - 94. Windsor: National Foundation for Educational Research Publishing Co. REPRINTED in full in T Bush et al, eds., Approaches to School Management, pp 41 - 72. London: Harper and Row 1980 and REPRINTED in part in R Dale et al, eds., Education and the State, vol 2, pp 377 - 390. London: Falmer Press 1981.


'Language Truth and Politics. Towards a Radical Theory for Communication' Newton Poppleford, Devon: Jean Stroud and Trevor Pateman. Pp 112. SECOND EDITION revised and enlarged (Pp 268) published Lewes: Jean Stroud 1980. Chapter V REPRINTED in part in J Corner and J Hawthorn eds., Communication Studies: An Introductory Reader , pp 99 - 115. London: Edward Arnold. (Retained in the second edition 1985, pp 73 - 84 and in subsequent editions).

'On Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot', The Fox (USA), no 2, pp 154 - 63.


'The Experience of Politics', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (USA), vol 33, no 4, pp 547 - 560.


Editor, Counter Course: A Handbook for Course Criticism. Harmondsworth: Penguin Education Special . Pp 393.

'Sanity, Madness and the Problem of Knowledge', in Radical Philosophy, No 1, pp 22-23. FRENCH TRANSLATION Esprit (Paris), No 7/8, July-August 1972, pp 180-84.